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2017 white e-golf in dark street

All Golf and all electric, the e-Golf is the first 100% electric Volkswagen in Canada.
Meet the future of e-mobility in your favourite hatchback.


From only $35,9951

Rear passenger side of the 2017 e-golf

Electric Power


214 lb-ft torque

This Golf's electric motor packs 214 lb-ft of torque that propels you from 0-100km/h in just 9.6 seconds; its power and performance is instantaneous and always on.


100 kW electric motor

Take it for a spin and find out what a 100 kW, 134 HP electric motor can do. Designed for drivers, every e-Golf will redefine the phrase "plug and play".


Driving mode selection

Three driving modes - Normal, Eco, and Eco+ are available for you: drive economically or drive as fast as you legally can - whenever you want to.



Good for up to 201 kilometres*

Pack up and drive a long trip - the e-Golf can really take care of you. Its cold-weather features will make sure that it is ready for you at a touch of a button - remember when you needed to wait 10 minutes until the vehicle has been warmed up for your family?


*Based on Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) approved guidelines for MY2017. Please refer to NRCan's Fuel Consumption Guide 2017. Full charge required. Actual driving range will vary based on temperature, driving conditions, vehicle's condition, weight carried and additional equipment.

Parked White VW e-golf

White VW e-golf front left


Direct Current Fast Charging

Plug your e-Golf in a fast-charging station and you'll be good to go in as little as 30-45 minutes.


Regenerative Braking

Every e-Golf can recuperate energy when braking. Four adjustable stages are available; in the e-Golf, braking just keeps you going.

Charging at Home or at Work

Are you looking to start driving electric without the worry of where to charge? When charging the new e-Golf even a regular hydro outlet will do. It's new port system is the simplest and most convenient yet!

Locate a charging station

Finding a charging station that is compatible with your Volkswagen is quick and easy. Use the map below to locate one near you.

2017 white e-golf driving

Design & Versatility


LED Daytime Running Lights

Just come in and view the e-Golf on a gloomy afternoon - see for yourself what all this is about. Bright, bold, and visible even in the daylight, these head- turning LED lights are cool to look at, energy efficient, and exclusive to the e-Golf.




All-new Series 7 Golf design

You will be driving the Golf that no-one yet drives. The e-Golf will be the first time that the series 7 Golf will be available in Canada.



Battery Electric Powered Vehicle

Unlike most fuel based vehicles that produce emissions while driving, the e-Golf is environmentally friendly, non-invasive, and requires minimal maintenance. Owning a electric Golf is sustainable and simple every step of the way.


Dual-Zone Climate control

The driver and passenger can control their own side of the e-Golf air-conditioning. In case no-one is riding shotgun, climate control for the right side of the e-Golf is disabled, to save energy.




9.2" Discover Pro Screen with gesture control

Swipe through songs using just your own gestures and find out why this screen is the best Golf screen ever.


Electronically Managed Climate Control

Easily setup the temperature you want to be driving in for the next morning and the system will automatically arrange that, while the e-Golf is still connected to the grid.


Built-in Heat pump and Heated windshield

The e-Golf packs an automatic heated windshield for defrosting, and a heat pump to maintain a stable vehicle temperature. Every e-Golf is built for Canada.


Driver's seat of the 2017 e-golf

the centre discovery screen of the e-golf