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Our service department offers top-of-the-line automotive service to our customers. We have a state-of-the-art facility that features the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available, and our factory-trained technicians will deliver the most efficient and highest quality vehicle care.  You can rest easy knowing both you and your vehicle are in good hands.  We have a service shuttle that can take you where you have to go if you have errands to run or even if you simply don't want to wait, or you can feel free to stay and enjoy a coffee, tea, or water on us. 


We look forward to your next service visit.





Lethbridge Volkswagen Customer Service Promise in Alberta


At Lethbridge Volkswagen, we recognize that your expectations are increasing every day and we are up for the challenge of meeting your needs. We take the road less travelled. We look forward to providing you with a best-in-class Volkswagen service experience, and we are prepared to go the distance to welcome you to the Volkswagen family with the help of our amazing Lethbridge Volkswagen staff.



Lethbridge Volkswagen Shuttle Service in Alberta


If your Volkswagen is in for a quick oil change, or even a major service, we can provide transportation to your work or home. You won't be left stranded, waiting for a ride, or having to call a cab in the winter. Your Lethbridge car dealership will cover you! 



The Right Parts are a Click Away | Lethbridge Volkswagen in Alberta


We feature a large stock of Volkswagen parts in Alberta and we have anything you might need. Contact our Alberta Volkswagen parts team with all your Volkswagen parts needs and we will arrange the installation for you in our certified service bays and our Volkswagen Alberta car maintenance shop.

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View the Latest Lethbridge Volkswagen Parts and Service Specials in Alberta


Come to us for your seasonal tire change, all major or minor repairs, or even just an oil change. We have the Volkswagen experience and the parts readily available to provide you with all the details so you can make an informed decision on your Volkswagen maintenance needs.  Lethbridge Volkswagen Service can also help you with roadside assistance, towing and your pre-winter alignment. Arrange your Volkswagen service with our Volkswagen service team.


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Lethbridge Volkswagen Maintenance Tips in Alberta


We recommend that you take some time to view the Volkswagen Service Requirements for your particular Alberta Volkswagen vehicle. At minimum, an oil change is in order, coupled with a coolant fluid inspection. Both are paramount for the longevity of your Volkswagen.


Lethbridge Volkswagen recommends: every time you are planning a big trip, like before your mountain vacation or a major on-the-road work project that you take some time to inspect your Volkswagen vehicle and its conformance to the original Volkswagen factory standards.

Our factory trained technicians can verify the performance of the Volkswagen parts on your vehicle and suggest any maintenance, services or Volkswagen parts replacement if needed.



Clean, fresh oil will ensure your Volkswagen motor withstands the minus 40 temperature engine starts and that all internal parts are properly lubricated. Your coolant fluid should be tested against the minimum Alberta temperatures during the winter, in the region of 50 below too.


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Get the most out of your Lethbridge Volkswagen this Season in Alberta


Right before winter, taking some time to inspect your wiper blades would be also a priority. We have already compiled a Volkswagen Parts Special regarding all your tires and mats needs, this winter.

Alberta road conditions can be hard on your vehicle. Both our summers and our winters feature extreme temperature changes that can severely impact the drivability of your Volkswagen. Actually Pincher Creek, just 100 kilometers east from Lethbridge, holds the record for the most extreme temperature fluctuation in Canada: from -19ºC to +22ºC in just one hour!


But that's what we're here for. Lethbridge Volkswagen is your southern Alberta Volkswagen dealer that can take care of all your maintenance services on your car, truck or SUV. For your benefit, we have compiled a list with our recommendations for this Alberta winter:


More and more of the Volkswagen SUVs in Alberta are equipped with the VW 4Motion All Wheel Drive system. AWD provides stability and traction under most conditions, yet if the roads in the areas you are driving are really, really bad, we would recommend investing in a good set of VW winter tires. Winter tires are optimal for all temperatures under 7 degrees Celsius and can perform better on icy and windy conditions and when traction is non-existent. Even if your Volkswagen is already sporting winter tires, if its more than 5 years since you replaced this set, we would recommend an inspection by our qualified Volkswagen Technicians in Alberta.



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